If you’re traveling south through Pueblo, Colorado and for some strange reason you find yourself driving parallel on a road east of I-25 you just could be on Overton Road. And if you crank down the radio, back off the pedal and hang your head out the window you just might hear some great sounds coming from a small enclave that hosts the band’s all night rehearsals. You would be welcomed with open arms if you pop in on them – they just love to play music for all who want to listen. The band’s DNA makes them somewhat unique too: a practicing dentist; a contractor with a flair for artistic welding; an insurance man that refuses to sell policies during any gig; an automotive genius; a marketing guru with an Emmy winning documentary to his credit; a computer genius; and a record producer.

Brad “Spike” Padula – guitars
Brent “Cozz” Cozzolino – lead vocals
John “Dr. John” Millea – vocals, keys, harmonica
Rich “Ritchie Rich” Robling – guitars
Bryan “Zed” Dehn – guitars, vocals
Jasen “Jaybo” Mittino – bass
Carl ‘Fat Hand” Lucero – drums

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